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I would like to ask a question about the word "got" here.Is one one the meaning of "got" same with "have" ?

I think many people using the "got" to replace "have" in SPOKEN.

For examples:

1.I got the money=I have the money,is this right?
2.I got the five fish from fishing=I have the five fish from fishing.
3.l got five beers to drink=l have five beers to drink.

In spoken ,"got" always replace the "have" ?
Therefore, can i use "got" to replace the "have" in writing ?

I hope that there are someone can reply my question....Thanks
1.I got the money=I have the money,is this right?
No, they are not the same. (It's a bit confusing, becuase generally after you get something, you do in fact have that thing, but there is still a difference between the obtaining and the possessing. It's also confusing because "I've got the money does mean the same as "I have the money.")

These are some correct examples:

I have a question.
I've got a question. (But not "I got a question")
I got a letter from John.

I have some money.
I've got some money.
I got some money from my Dad.

I don't understand what you mean by "I got a tuition today," so I can't tell you how to correct it. In the U.S., tuition is what you pay to attend a school. Could you explain what you're trying to say?
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Welcome to English Forums, Franklin.

No. Get= obtain and have= possess. 'Have got' ('ve got) can also mean 'possess'.
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Then can i say: i got a tuition today-is this right? or
Can i say: I got a question-right or not,is this same with"I have a question" ?
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I have the money. = I've got the money. = I have got the money.

I have five fish. = I've got five fish. = I have got five fish.

I have five beers. = I've got five beers. = I have got five beers.
You have a letter. = You've got a letter. = You have got a letter.
He has a car. = He's got a car. = He has got a car.
She has a question. = She's got a question. = She has got a question.
[She wants to ask a question.]

[If a person doesn't pronounce 've clearly, it may sound like there is no 've.]


I received the money. = I got the money.

I caught five fish. = I got five fish.
I received five fish. = I got five fish.
I bought five fish. = I got five fish.
I received five beers. = I got five beers.
I ordered five beers. = I got five beers.

I bought five beers. = I got five beers.
You received a letter. = You got a letter.
He received a car. = He got a car.

He bought a car. = He got a car.
She was asked a question. = She got a question.
[Someone else asked her a question.]

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thanks for your reply,it is useful for me.

So following your reply,i know that the "have" is same as "have got",but what is the different between them?

Maybe you're confusing what does "tution" mean by me? Actually,the tution have other meaning in Malaysia and Singapore.Tution means an extra class or lesson,but it's not in school,you've got to go to a place that will teach the school lesson,but this is extra.Some parents consider their children aren't able to acquire knowledge or something from school,then they take their children to other extra lesson to learn the school lesson...So we call this extra lesson "tution"...
Thanks for ChaliflimEmotion: smileyou help me a lot~
Hi Franklin. What you call "tuition" is called "tutoring" in the U.S. (I'm not sure about England.) So you could say, "I had a tutoring session today" or "I had a lesson with my tutor today."

As for the difference between "I have " and "I've got," "I have" is more formal and more appropriate for writing. "I've got" is more casual and common in conversation. (Although it means "I have got," people almost always use the contraction instead of the longer form.)
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But we call tutoring to be tuiton in Malaysia and Singapore~i think our native English have some differences compared to US or UK...so that's why Malaysia's English is very poor~haih

khoffI had a tutoring session today" or "I had a lesson with my tutor today."

i don't understand why use the "had" instead of "have",is it past tense?
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