Is this another US/UK difference?

UK - ...he had got it.
US - ...he had gotten it.
Thank you.
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Yes, you're right; "gotten" is the US or Australian English informal usage.
Do the really use it? "Gotten" sounds awful to me...
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They do. And I have to say, it's infectious. I've caught myself use it - recently. And that someone who is an Anglophile. I was terribly embarrassed when I discovered what I was saying.
It does sound horrible but it is in common usage in the USA.

Well, "gotten" doesn't sound horrible to me, but I'm American. Anyway, we do indeed use "gotten" in the United States, and it is not considered informal. Just so everyone is aware, at the time of American independence, the word existed on both sides of the Atlantic. Its usage eventually died out in Britain, but persevered in America.
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Thank you YC for providing us with more pieces of information... I appreciated it... Emotion: smile

Woah. I was used to reading British books, so I always say "have got" without knowing it's not an American thing. xD

But then what about the phrase "you've got mail"? Come to think of it, I think Americans say "I've got ____" a lot... don't they?
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