1. When I _____home I _____ a phone call.
A. get / received B. was getting/received C. got/had received D. had got/received
I think both "B. was getting / received" with the meaning "when = while" and "D. had got / received" with the meaning " when = after" are correct. Am I right? Many thanks.
Only A works. Both actions are instantaneous and simultaneous, so they take the same tense but do not take a progressive aspect.
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I have to disagree with MM here. Answer A doesn't work at all.
1. When I get home I received a phone call. No, this isn't right.

The only one that's even close is C, although I don't really like it either. It should be:
1. When I got home I received a phone call.
Thank goodness other people read my posts-- thanks, Ray. I simply misread 'get' as 'got'.