Hi. How are you?

I was just wondering. You normally would say, "I have gotten ...," when you mean you have acquired something or obtained something whereas you say, "I've got ...," when you mean you have something. I wonder if you would mix them up and say "I have gotten ..." to mean you have something, and "I've got ..." to mean you have acquired or obtained something.

Hi Hiro
Using your definitions again:

I have acquired / obtained (present perfect) =
In American English: "I have gotten" (I've gotten)
In British English: "I have got" (I've got)

I have / I possess (simple present tense) =
In American and British English: "I have got" (I've got)

"I have gotten" is always the present perfect tense.
"I have gotten" is not used to mean "I have" (I possess).
Like I thought, except I was not familiar with "I've got" meaning I have acquired/obtained in Brit English.

Much obliged, Mr. Y