I've been searching for sites that offer graded dictations to add the "Word Surfing" site.

Students of all languages would benefit greatly, I'm sure, from the availability of a service that allowed them to ....

1. listen to individual sentences being clearly read.
2. replay each sentence as often as required - and
3. "reveal" correct sentences once an attempt had been made to write down what had been heard.

Such a site would help students to practice vital listening and writing skills in a useful manner. It would also allow them to correct their own mistakes in a comfortable environment - and encourage them to expand their vocabulary knowledge.

Personally - (and I'm sure I'm not alone) - I'd jump at the opportunity to use internet based dictations to help me with both Spanish and Italian - so if anyone can point me in the right direction ... I'd be hugely grateful.

Finally, if no such service exists.... is anyone else out there

a) keen to see graded internet dictations become widely available?
b) interested in becoming involved in making the process happen?

If so - please reply!

Best Wishes

WillEmotion: wink
I'd love to see some graded dictation. I would be most grateful if you could tell us where they can be found.
Hi Maj,

Thanks for your reply and interest in "Graded Dictations" - it is an area that is surprisingly absent from the internet but I've started to find a few possibilities and am adding them to WS at this link
Hopefully the list will grow in both quantity and quality before too long.

In the meantime there is a discussion about the topic at
- and several people are already coming forward to help make such a service available in different languages.

Best wishes
WillEmotion: wink
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Try these dictations and let me know what you think.

I realize this thread is two years old, but it is still one of the top results from a Yahoo search on "dictations". Hope somebody actually reads this some day!
I tried the dictations you have on your site but couldn't hear anything. Is there a special software needed to hear the exercises?
Hi Diana,

These dictations require JavaScript. Some people cannot listen for the following reasons:

- JavaScript is turned off (this can be changed within your browser's Internet settings)

- they use an old version of the Netscape web browser (upgrade to Netscape 5 or higher)

- sound is not turned up loud enough (use the volume control to increase your computer's sound)

Those are the only three reasons I know of right now.

Teacher Joe
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