I have a question. In the following conversation, I wonder if 'wouldn't' instead of 'didn't' is grammatically correct. If 'wouldn't' is correct, is there the difference between them?

A: If you got rid of your social media apps, you’d have so much more free time because you wouldn’t be constantly looking at your phone.

B: That’s true. I do spend a lot of time on social media, especially in bed. If I [didn’t/wouldn’t] do that, I could read or even just get to sleep earlier.

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anonymousTo say they are 'exceptions' is thoroughly misleading.

The exceptions I gave were exceptions to the rule I stated. I don't think anything could have been clearer.


But there isn't any such 'rule', so they are not exceptions.

anonymousthere isn't any such 'rule'

Whatever. If you think so.

*If I will have the money, I will buy a new car.
*What would happen if he would lose his job?
*It will be very expensive if we will stay in this hotel.


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