I was wondering if anybody could hlp me with putting the verb in the correct form in the following sentences:

1. The Olympic Games _____ for about eleven hundred years, until Emperor Theodosius banned them for religious reasons in 394 A.D. (hold)
3. It's a difficult question. I wish I _____ the answer. (know)
9. You will understand English better when you _____ here another month. (be
1. had been held
3. knew
9. are (not sure about this one, though)
Let's see:

1. The Olympic Games had been held for about eleven hundred years...
(Past perfect is used here because it refers to a regular action happening in the past when another action, also in the past, took place.

2. I wish I knew the answer.
(The structure after "I wish" requires a verb in the past, like a conditional)

3. ...when you are here another month.
(Conditional. although I'd rather use "stay" instead)

Hope this helps! Emotion: smile