Could you please tell me if these words are natural used for the native speaker?

I tumbled / tripped over a bump.

I tumbled / tripped the downstairs

The tumble / trip hurt me badly

I knocked / bumped the chair.

The hanging flower knocked / bumped my head.

My leg has a terrible knock / bump on the table.



Tumble refers to a motion going down, kind of like fall. Trip is more of a stumble or quick misplacement of your feet. You can trip someone on the street and it can cause them to tumble down to the ground.

Knock typically has more force than bump. Bump also can refer to a swelling mound on the body caused by hitting it on something.

1. I tripped.

2. I tumbled.

3. either one depending on the situation

4. either one depending on the situation.

5. bumped is more likely

6. You can knock or bump the table. But you have a bump (on maybe your leg or your head).