I have some questions as follows:

1. Does the word "food" has its plural form? Is so, in which case? pls explain.

2. If I want to ask questions using "What kind of ..... do you like?" the noun in between, like sport, music, hobby, movie... etc, I've to use the singular or plural form?

3. "What is a pity"! Or "What a pity"! is correct?

4. Is this sentence correct? "I'm so pity for you."

5. The use of "disappointed" and "disappointing".

Are the following sentences correct?

" I'm so disppointing on you."

" I'm so disppointing about your school result"

" It's so disppointing to know that the meeting has been canelled"

" You're just disppointed me"

6. Is it correct to say, " It's worth to do this"

7. Those are our unforgettable and good memory/ memories?

8. Does the word "moment" has its plural form? If yes, in which case. Pls explain

" This is our precious moment / moments"

" Pls wait for a moment / moments

" Just a moment/moments please"

9. Is it correc to say," All those pieces of memory still stick in my mind. They seems just so fresh and not too far ago. But indeed, it's over ten years time"

10. About number:

a) " I'm 10 year/ years old"

b) If I'm writing cheque, the amount of money,

like "One thousand and five hundred dollar/ dollars only."

c) I've five hundred dollar/ dollars in hands.

11. Asking question, using " Do you mind......"

a) "Do you mind opening the window?" OR "Do you mind to open the window?"

12. The word " holiday" has its plural form? What is the difference meaning between "holiday" and "holidays"

If I want to say "my Christmas holiday/ holidays"?

Which is correct? " My school holiday wil begin on the 6th of Feb." OR

" My school holidays will be began on the 6th of Feb."

" When will your spring break start?" OR

" When is your break break?"

13. Is it correct to say, " Wishing you a life full of love and happiness."
1. singular: Food is necessary for life.

plural: I like foods from all over the world.

2. with the examples you have listed, use the plural, except for music.

3. no 'is'

4. I pity you so much.

5. A person is disappointed by something or someone else: (I'm so disappointed that you ....)

It is disappointing that.... We can be disappointing (You are disapointing me.) - any tense is


6. "This is worth doing" is much more natural.

7. memories. My memory is very short ~ I have fond memories of our time together.

8. Your examples should be in the singular, unless you want to make them plural: please wait a few moments / these are precious moments

9. I believe that pieces/bitsof memory are technological Emotion: computer terms. Use 'memories'.

10. years / dollars only / dollars in hand

11. no "to"

12. "Holiday" in AmEng refers to a specific observance: Memorial Day, Labor Day (when many people don't have to go to work. "Holidays" refers to the time from Thanksgiving to New Years.

In BrEng, "holiday" refers to a period of time that one doesn't have to go to work. It often includes a trip (this in AmEng would be "vacation").

13. This item has disappeared from my screen because the entry is so lengthy. In the future, you will have better luck getting responses if you limit your questions per post. Use a good "title" for your post, and people will choose to look at it. "Questions" isn't ver descriptive. Thanks.
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13. It's correct. You might even add "long" before "life".
1.Food - singular and plural same if you are talking of the same stuff(food)

Foods means 'different kinds of food'(British English)

There are five cases. And the word 'food' can be used as either in 'Nominative or Accusative' case'

2.You can use plural..............''Music" singular and plural are singular'

3.What a pity.

4.I feel pity for you.........will be better.

5.Use 'disappointed' but the last one.

6.It's worth doing' or 'This is worth doing'


8." This is our precious moment or these are our precious moments"

"Please wait for a moment or please wait for a few moments"

" Just a moment please"

9. All those pieces of memory still stick in my mind. They seem to be so fresh and not too far ago, though it's over ten years ago"

10.a) " I'm 10 years old"

b) "One thousand and five hundred dollars only."

c) I've five hundred dollars in hands.

11.You can ask the question in two ways.

1.Would you mind opening the window.(Will you mind to open the window?)

2.Would you mind me opening the window?(Will you mind if I open the window?)

12." My school holidays will begin on 6th Feb."

" When does/will your spring break start?"

13.Better to use 'Wish you a you a life, full of love and happiness."(Please try to use these words in simple present only........hope,think,wish,like,feel,love,shut,...etc........)
Please think, will you say 'wishing you a long happy married life' or 'Wish you a happy long married life'.Think twice. If you are an American speaker I forget it...............
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