I am preparing now my CV for PhD application. Please help me to make correction to the part of Research Experience of my CV

Research Experience
XX Center, XX University City, Country

 Experimentally studied on phytoplankton, macrophyton and macrozoobenthos as indicator of water quality in Lake Durowskie, Wągrowiec, Poland. (July – August 2009)

XX Center, XX Universiy City, Country

Classified vegetation of the area surrounding the Medieval Village of Schmeessen (Solling), Germany.
Surveyed, examined and evaluated vegetation, forest, wetlands and river in order to propose plan management for Müritz National Park, Stodthagen Forest and Aalbek River, Germany.
Analyzed data and planned for Wind Farming Project, Germany. (May 2009 – August 2010)

Center for Agriculture Biotechnology, XX University City, Country
Identified plant diseases caused by phytoplasma using molecular techniques.
Investigated in bioinformatics, molecular genetics, microbiology, ecology and biodiversity.
Demonstrated plant and microbe sub-cultures. (May 2005 – December 2007)
Performed experiments and analyses on phytoplankton, macrophyton and macrozoobenthos as indicators of water quality in Lake....

The rest is good with one exception. I have always recommended that when writing a CV, the author use "power words" to describe his past experience.

You used one, "investigated", which is good and another, "analysed", which is acceptable.

But descriptions suck as "classified" and "surveyed" sound truly boring. I am certain that they were not, but why not say something like "Responsible for classifying vegetation of the area surrounding the Medieval Village...

Of course, this assumes that you were responsible for the classifications. If you were not, then you might consider some other synonym such as "systematized", "codified", "cataloged".

Use words that bring attention to your accomplishments.
Thanks so much JOhn, I did make some change now Emotion: smile