It would greatly appreciated if you could help me to point the one that is a sentence with correct grammar:
1. I look forward to hearing from you
2. I look forward to hear from you
3. I am looking forward to hear from you.

4. We produce report without comprising quality and accuracy
5. We produce report without comprise to quality and accuracy.

Thanks a bunch.
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1. The correct one. Look+ forward+ to + gerund.
4. The correct one. Without (prep) + gerund.
Yep - it can be mentioned that in
1. "to" is a preposition, not part of an infinitive, so a gerund has to follow. Emotion: smile
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Unfortunately both 4 and 5 have other errors. May I suggest;
We produce reports without 'compromising/compromise to' quality or accuracy.
We produced a/the report without 'compromising/compromise to' quality or accuracy.
or we produce reports without compromising to quality or accuracy. ( I still don't like this sentence. Who would buy reports that do not offer quality or accuracy? You never know, though.)
"Without compromise to" means "without sacrificing"; so basically, the sentence means that the company maintains quality and accuracy while producing reports.
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"compromising" is ok but you used "comprising, comprise" in the original sentence.
When in doubt take out or use other terms such as
"I hear you" and "I am hearing you" If you choose to use a verb, "look," following the choice with the verb as in "I am..." "I LOOK forward to hearING from you."

4 and 5 are both incorrect. "We produce reportS without comprOMising quality and accuracy." or "We can produce a report without comprOMising quality or accuracy."
3B = i am looking forward to hearing from you (would be ok as well), but still not as good as number 1 in my opinion
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