another question. I hear people say things like: i did that already. i already did that. which one is correct?

another question. what's the difference between -
i saw it and i did see it.

The difference between "I saw it" and "I did see it" is that with the second one, you stress the fact that you actually saw it.

-Come on, you can't possibly have seen it!
-I did see it - no matter what you believe.
How may I direct your call? or Who can I direct your call to?
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well i want to know the answer too.

i think both of idioms are correct, but the second one is directly and clearer than first..

i hope hear from teachers here..

I'd say "Whom may I direct your call to?"
Cornelis Drebbel a Dutch acientist demonstrated an underwater boat for the king.
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Cornelis Drebbel, a Dutch scientist, demonstrated an underwater boat for the king. (Is his name spelled correctly?)