My high school English teacher wrote in one of my Report Cards -- "AL has an apparent mental block to English grammar". At my advanced age I have the desire to write blogs and short stories. However, I am terrified of my grammar skills. Can someone please recommend a grammar checker, or an online site that can help.

Terrified AL.

Update: Free online grammar checker discussed here.
Hi Al,

You obviously had a teacher who didn't believe much in giving encouragement.

What I think is this. The hell with the person who wrote that. If you are at an age when you want to do it and you think you have something to say, just relax, go ahead and do it. If good grammar were a prerequisite to writing a blog, most of them would immediately disappear.

If you want us to review a paragraph here and there for you, we'd be happy to try to help. Just post it, in the Writing Section of the Forum. I don't know much about grammar checkers. I'd guess that the one that comes with MSWord is probably as good as any.

Good luck, have fun!

Hi, I'm glenda

I want to get better in my way of english speaking . I need it a lot. I know kow to speak english but i am not confident to communicate to anyone verbally. I need sonme confidence, i'm afraid i might pronounce the word incorrectly and it's embarassing on my part. I just need confidence.

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There is no quick way round this apart from practice and courage! Don't worry about making a few errors. People will probably still understand what you are trying to communicate.
my name is saira i am a working woman i want to improvae english language by speaking writing also improve grammer and also keep on practic i don't have vecablaury so ple help me
Hi Saira,

OK, no problem. Just post some writing here, and we willhelp you with comments and suggestions.Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
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Hey there.
There's actually a free spell checker online at http://spellchecker.englishsoftware.org
I rarely use it, because it's quite limited, but it does the job for single words.

Best regards
hi, my name is ronald iwant to improve my english ability but i'm affraid to communicate to anyone because if i pronunce an incorrect words they laugh at me. please help me to improve my english speaking