Whitesmoke launched 2009 version, but i don't think there are any differance with 2008 version.

Who can give me some suggestions about writing and grammar proofreading software like whitesmoke?
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As WhiteSmoke's paid spammer, you are quite happy to post text links to it. use you own version of WhiteSmoke.
Oops - you can't, it's vaporware. It's nothing but SMOKE;


Hence the name.
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Any thing but Whitesmoke...

I need a good English proofreading and correction software which will integrate itself within Microsoft Office (no copy and paste)

I just uninstalled WhiteSmoke which was uselless and generated spam each time I used it.

- Even if you buy the software it is an online applications ... I travel and work often without an Internet connection.

- WhiteSmoke after service is NILL ... their version 2008 got Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer to crash because each time I started WhiteSmoke the applications installed its add-on ... and it did not work ... I contacted WhiteSmoke on several occasion ... NO HELP

- WhiteSmoke is a spam oragnization ... if you have WhiteSmoke 2008 ... and you don't upgrade you will see their pop-up ... INTRUSIVE IS NOT THE WORD.

Anybody knows a good REAL software ... that integrates itself in Microsoft Office and will do the job OFF LINE ... idealy from a serious supplier who believes in good after service.

For a French proofreader and corrector ANTIDOTE ( www.druide.com ) fits that bill in an outstanding way ... new releases have even been free for the last 2 years ..it is a great software

Is the English language not worth a good supplier ... WHO KNOWS ONE ... and dont give me withesmoke.

Write me at Email Removed ... I NEED HELP ...

I use Grammatica for German. It also has French and some other languages. I'm not sure if it will answer your needs, but it's a genuine product, unpretentious, and gives you a free trial. It is fully downloadable and works offline. http://www.ultralingua.com/en/grammar.htm It only costs $29 for the licenced versino; They also have a genuine help forum on their site. The questioins on the Whitesmoke forum are mainly made up by the publishers.
You can try Serenity Editor, a grammar checker about USD50. Its interface is pretty basic but manages to do well than most grammar checkers. I think it is vital to remember that grammar checkers are not as intelligent as humans so they should not be condemned as useless. They are useful but up to a point. They can at least highlight certain words/sentences that forces us to think if we have written them not only correctly but accurately. But as your grammar improves, you will find increasingly less use of a grammar checker.

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I tried whitesmoke because I wanted to review it for the course section of my website and I have to say I was dissappointed.

It made very strange suggestions that didn't fit at ALL with what I was writing. Stick with Mircrosoft word and the grammar/spell checker. That is just as good and cheeper.

As for finding somethinf to proofread your work for a low cost it is hard to find. A program can't do it as well as a real person.

Some of you might be interested in my writing course that is on my website. Each week I post a new assignment which you can submit a small essay for and I correct and post it on the site ASAP. This is all for FREE of course. I'm in the buisness of helping people learn English. For for info visit the course page at (URL removed by mod).

Have a great day!
How about Microsoft Encarta?
I just want my grammar improve. How can you help me?

Thank you in advance.

(Email removed)
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