Hi English Teachers out there,
I wonder by what grammar can these sentences be explained. (I got fired. The wound got infected) and so on.
It feels a little bit like Passive and a little bit like Causation, but I also think is something colloquial that has not been codified yet.
Any suggestions?
Look at the definition of get:

22. to become or to cause oneself to become as specified; reach a certain condition: to get angry; to get sick.
23. (used as an auxiliary verb followed by a past participle to form the passive): to get married; to get elected; to get hit by a car.
AnonymousI got fired. The wound got infected.
These are alternate phrasings of the passive. They emphasize, more than the corresponding form of to be, the act of becoming (fired, infected, etc.) as an event. They are almost always negative events. Things get crushed, smashed, broken, torn, ruined, spoiled, wrinkled, burned, damaged, etc.

I was fired. I got fired.
The wound was infected. The wound got infected.

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CalifJimThey are almost always negative events.
I suppose in some contexts, this is also negative.Emotion: smile
He got married.
AlpheccaStarsI suppose in some contexts, this is also negative.He got married.
Yes. Possibly. Nevertheless, there are some indisputably positive ones: He got promoted! Emotion: smile

Thank you very much AlpheccaStars, #23 if exatly what I was looking for!
CJ's explanation also makes it very clear.
Thanks Guys,
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I got fired is as same as i was fired and i think it refers to past passive!

Is Fired verb?