I would like to know the opposite gender of 1) wolf 2) witch
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she-wolf (also possibly wolf bitch/wolf

Hi Nona,

Apparently this is something that upsets male witches quite a bit.

"Warlock" is an archaic derogatory term used by the witch hunters during "The Burning Times"—the era of persecution and execution on a massive scale of people who were accused and convicted of witchcraft—to describe male witches. Warlock actually means "oathbreaker." A male witch is properly referred to as a witch and you'll likely insult a male Witch if you forget.

(I'm not one in case you wondered)
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In the Harry Potter books, women are witches and men are wizards.
From the Wikipedia:

Warlocks are, among historic Christian traditions, said to be the male equivalent of witches (usually in the pejorative sense of Europe 's Middle Ages ), and were said to ride pitchforks instead of broomsticks. In some pop culture TV shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Bewitched warlocks are male witches. The TV show Charmed follows Wiccan beliefs, wherein a warlock just means "traitor to an oath" who lives to steal witches' powers. Warlocks can be a witch or a wizard but evil and chaotic.
I would like to know the opposite of Pig
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An adult female pig is called a sow.
witch -wizard
i want some masculine and the mathching feminine genders
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