Are these grammatical?

I didn't think a was OK, because 'whom I kissed' doesn't modify the genitive case: 'girl's (best friend).' Do we need to recast the sentence so the relative clause modifies 'girl'?

I didn't think b was OK, because 'coach' isn't in apposition with the genitive case: 'andrew's (plans).

It should be in apposition with what it is equal to 'Andrew'

a) The girl's, whom I kissed, best friend was married.

b) He will fit nicely into coach Andrew's plans.


1 is awful. Absolutely awful. The best friend of the girl I kissed is married. (Let's hope the girl you kissed is not, unless you are her husband.)

2 is not apposition. Coach Andrew is his title/name.
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Grammar Geek1 is awful

I agree.
Grammar Geek2 is not apposition
Ah yes, thought this was the case. Emotion: smile Would you agree then that we cannot have a subjective/objective case noun/pronoun in apposition to a possessive noun/pronoun? Alas, my example failed to illustrate my question properly.
I would say not.

I have a situation at work, where for legal reasons, I have to write "ABC Company, Inc. (ABC(r))" -- that (r) is the registration symbol but I can't figure out how to do it it on here.

Sometimes people send me stuff with "ABC's expert team of..." and I have to re-write it. I can't write "ABC Company, Inc. (ABC(r))'s. It's a similar situation.