Hi and thanks for your help.

I`m not a native speaker of English and so it might be difficult to put my question forward but here goes...

Can anyone tell me what tense this is....

Adam speaks excellent French, but he doesn’t speak good English.


using some other grammatical term can you explain this sentence.


It is the "present tense" you are looking for. Mostly, it's used to describe a general truth or fact.

thank you

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I have come across an interesting grammar unit where there is said thet we can use such a sentene: "I have been wanting" or "I have been meaning". Who can explain why we need to use such verbs in the present perfect continuous tense?
"I have been wanting to go there for some time"

"I have been meaning to wash the car, but I never get around to it"
Continuing intention.
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You have been doing something in the past, and continue to do it in the present.
Good try, doodles - but not quite right on this occasion. It's the wanting to and the
meaning to which started in the past and continue to the present.

"I started to think about washing the car 6 weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it now. I really must do it!"

I first thought about visiting Paris 4 years ago. I still want to visit Paris."
Ah yes, the intention is everything. Sorry if I have misled anyone, as a native speaker I am trying not to take my own language for granted ! Only this way can I teach it as a foreign language.
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