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I am helping out my brother with his high school english exam; however, there are some questions I am not sure how to explain to him. Please help ~

Question 1

Without his warning at that time, I ___ by the speeding car.

a. might be hit

b. might get hurt

c. might have run over

d. might have been killed

Could you please let me know why c is the correct one, and why not a, b, or d?

Question 2

You ____ not fool around anymore, or you will fail all your school subjects.

a. have better

b. had better

Why b is the correct one?

Question 3

What's the difference between "even if" and "even thought"?

Thank you,

1. 1D the only correct solution, not 1C.

2. The correct idiom is "had better":
The American HeritageĀ® Book of English Usage.

3. See the discussion here:

Are you sure c. is OK in Q#1? I'd say d.

a. might be hit - might have been hit would be OK

b. might get hurt - might have got hurt would be OK - not sure how natural that would be. Also, Americans would use "gotten" instead of "got".

c. might have run over - might have been run over would be OK
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Question 1 :

I don't think C is the correct option ,The answer must be Passive ( because of ..........by the speeding car )

and the only passive structure is D

Question 2.

Had better is used to give strong advice ,and I have never seen such a structure like 'have better ' for the same purpose

Question 3.

I don't think there is a difference between 'even if ' and 'even though'

Even if /even though you disagree with her ,she's worth listening to ...

(If I'm mistaken ,you can say it ..)
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