Could you please teach me how to distinguish these three words in the right place? As they all an adjective.

A electric/electrical/electronic

device, good, game, keyboard, equipment, component, toys, bill, car..etc


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John AkiWould you please also check for me if these sentences are grammatically grammatical to you?
John Aki

This forum allows posting any English questions. (A verb here used as a noun)

This forum allows posts of any English questions. (A noun here)

He asked me a question relating to / relative to / relevant to / pertinent to English grammar. (All of them are adjectives and correct. Yes. However "pertinent" is a more high registered high-register word? Yes.)

Comparatively / relatively to his age he is a talent. (Both words are correct? "comparing to his age with his peers"
Not correct.
"He is talented for his age."
"Compared to others of his age, he has talent."
"Relative to others of his age, he has talent."

He has talent = He is talented.
"He is a talent" is relatively rare.

therefore I would say "comparatively" is a better word choice in here? "compared to others" might be a little better than "relative to others".)

You are adding a lot of -ly endings today where they are not correct. I wonder why.


Thanks Sir,

My gut feeling told me to add "-ly" in these sentences which might sound better. Look like my gut feeling was wrong....

John Aki

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Good day Sir,

Do you think I can express this word "compare" in these ways?

Compared to your grammar knowledges, we are far off. (From the past to present)

Comparing to this one with that one, you might find that... (The present to future)

If you compared these two computers, you might find that...(The present to future) (An imagine clause)

Thanks in advance

John Aki