Hi There,

Can you tell me which phrase is more natural for everyday English, please?

I believe that they are same meaning.

I denied that I stole it. VS I denied that I had stolen it.

I denied that I broke it. VS I denied that I had broken it.



All four are okay, but the briefer past tense form is often used in place of the past perfect, as the meaning is essentially the same.

Thanks Mr Anonymous,

Please teach me one more for today?

I am scared/frightened/afraid of dog. (They can be acted an Adj) Grammatical.

I am feared of dog. (Can I use fear as an Adj here? I wonder?)

I always fear dog/water. (Verb) Grammatical.

"I saw you parking". (It means I saw that you were parking your car at that moment right?

"I saw you breaking it". (I saw that you were breaking something at that moment right?

Thanks in advance