Hello dear all,

I would like someone kindly to review this lesson about the parts of speech.

Your comments and feedback are highly appreciated. And thank you in advance.

Please, stay safe.



Please post your text in the writing forum. We can't do anything to correct your blog. We do not have access.


Also, do you instruct in traditional grammar or modern grammar?

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Hello sir. Thank for your message. I am posting the lesson in this forum. I have another question if you don't mind. What do you mean by traditional or modern grammar?
alisovichWhat do you mean by traditional or modern grammar?

Traditional grammar is based on the theories and methods of the historic linguists, such as Fowler's classic treatise "The King's English." It is still being taught in schools and is the basis for many reference web sites.


Recent academic linguists have changed the approach to grammar fairly substantially, both in the methods of analysis as well as the terminology.

For example, "part of speech" is a fundamental concept in traditional grammar. In modern grammar, it is replaced by "word class."

In traditional grammar, "a" and 'the" are classified as adjectives. In modern grammar, they are determiners.

English grammar reference web sites do not label themselves as to which school of linguistics they are based on. So many learners get totally confused and baffled when they see so much conflicting information.

Wow! Thank you very much, sir, for the enlightenment. As you mentioned I myself studied grammar but no indication to whether or not it is traditional or modern. Also, while preparing this lesson I encountered the different lebels of words.

Thank you again.

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alisovich I myself studied grammar but no indication to whether or not it is traditional or modern.

I deduce that you studied traditional grammar, or perhaps a hybrid system.

And to make things more complicated, there are systems of grammar that are transitional between the extremes; their core of traditional grammar may be recognizable, yet they have adopted or incorporated some aspects of modern linguistics.

These differences can lead to some very involved discussions and differences of opinion. There have been more than just a few of these on this site.