i want to email to someone...my old friends. is it correct or not my wording n grammar as below. i'm really appreciate if any of u be able to rectify it.. thanks. anything else i need to add...coz this is 1st time i'll sent an email to her


I got this mail address from your blog after google for certain information. N I just wanna say keep up the good work for it.

Seems like I know u somewhere before. Since u r say that u r working in ibm. Hv u ever stay in before this

ur old fren

Why don't you rewrite it using real words and not text-speak. That may address some of your grammar problems.
thank you for your reply.

sori but i don't get it. do u mean post only things i need to check?
but i hope u can check everything...even in my text-speak. if there is any mistake there, so i won't repeat it again in the future