Grammar Ninja is an educational game where the player identifies parts of speech in rapid succession. Correct answers help you advance; wrong ones blow up in your face. The game is modeled after Brain Age's CalculationsX20 exercise. Grammar Ninja is my final project for my Independent Study in Game Design.

Currently the game is a work in progress and will be completed next week. I'm posting here to find people to stuff the game with grammatically accurate sentences.

[url=http://kwarp.com/storage/grammarninja.html]You can play the game here (click).[/url]
(ultimately all three modes will have 20 questions per run)

Flash can’t accept external data from txt files in the way that I need it, so all the sentences the game uses must be created beforehand. It’s very easy for anyone to create a sentence:

[code]//Sentences are defined like this
asen000 = new Array(new Word("Joe", "N"), new Word("is", "V"), new Word("hungry.", "ADJ"));[/code]

If the formatting confuses you, don’t worry, you only need to worry about the stuff between the quotes (“”). It’s simplest to illustrate.

[code]new Word("The word you want to include", "The part of speech the word is”) [/code]

The part of speech is an ALL CAPS abbreviation of the word. It MUST BE one of the following:
Noun = N
Verb = V
Pronoun = PRO
Adjective = ADJ
Adverb = ADV
Preposition = PREP
Conjunction = CONJ
Interjection = INT
Article = ART

The number of words in the sentence will be exactly the number of words you put in, separated by commas. To illustrate again:

[code]//separate each word by a comma, keep making as many as you like
//hower it gets unreadable around 35 words
new Array(word, word, word);[/code]

I want at least 50 sentences each for the easy, medium, and hard modes, and there’s no way can do it alone in a week. Please please help me by contributing some sentences!!!

As guidelines
Easy questions have between 2-6 words
Medium questions have between 6-15 words
Hard questions have between 15-30 words

Keep the content appropriate for all ages, quote whatever you want as long as it makes grammatical sense. If you want to add something like “~Ernest Hemmingway” make it one big word and label it’s part of speech “N”. No slurring words (don’t, won’t aren’t) or whatever it is.

Please be accurate, or at very least review the accuracy of others.

A BIG THANKS to anyone that helps out.
It is easy to find real sentences on the internet by googling. I tried your 'Master Ninja' and found some errors in parts of speech.