Are the following sentences all correct? If not, could you please tell me how can they be corrected?

1) Each of our video production services include filming, editing, and story-line consultation.

2) Building a good marriage and a successful career are quite quite a challenge for a working mother.

3) Yes, you are already signed up, here' s your URL:

4) Please let us know what is the exact error you are receiving.

5) Thanks for letting me know, sorry to hear about your experience and I definitely understand where you're coming from.

6. Please disregard those leads, as of the moment we cannot filter the leads we send you for just corporate needs, however I have forwarded this to our team so that they can check on it and hopefully apply the changes.

7. Thanks for getting in touch, we have set the lead for Danny P. It will marked as completed once you finish the job by April 4.

8. Right now there is only two available options.

9. We are veered towards individuals that directly offers the services.

10. Were you able to paste the Thumbtack link, if so can you direct me on what exact location on your website?

11. Sorry about that, there was just a bit of delay.

Thanks so much!

what is exact error