Hi, all English professionals:

I am confused with a grammar question that I think is related to Parallel Structure, and I hope there is some help.

Ex1: I am in China right now and am going to Japan next week.

Ex2: I am in China right now and will go to Japan next week.

Ex3: I have visited China already and am going to / will go to Japan next week.

My question is that I have the same subject "I" for all my sentences with the same form of be "am" and helping verb "will / have" for 2 and 3. Are these ok with the same or different helping verbs mentioning the second event (going to Japan)?

Thanks for the help.
Yes, they are OK. What you do NOT want to do is this: (X) I am in China right now and going to Japan next week.
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Thanks for the extremely fast help! So, the "form of be" is needed for both parts in the sentence just like other helping verbs "have, will..etc" are need. Am I correct? Also, I see people sometimes using

Ex: I want to watch TV or (to) listen to some music.

where they omit the second infinitive "to", is it only fine by doing so with the infinitive "to" but not for helping verbs "have and form of be" for the second part of the sentence?

Thank you.
'To' is a different part of speech and a different kettle of fish. It is the infinitive particle, which is more loosely attached to its verb and drops off in other cases as well: help (to) do, can do, etc.
got it, thank your for the help.
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