I really need help with this grammar. It is pretty advanced. I hope you will take the time to review my question's. I know it's alot, but it is very important.

I need to know the subject, the verb (whether it is an action or linking verb), the verbs compliment (Direct Object and Indirect Object for Action verbs. Predicate Nominative or Predicate Adjective for linking verbs). If you don't know what some of those things are that's cool. Here are the sentences:

1. Our team has won a large number of awards in writing contests, and Mrs. Esmiol feels very proud of everyone for their dedication.

2. Everyone on our team is writing a research paper, but after Spring break we will begin auditions.

3. Mrs. Esmiol will give each student an opportunity during auditions for a part in the play, and we will rehearse during the foruth quarter.

4. Study your part, memorize it before the first rehearsal, and the director will give you a good grade for your efforts.

5. Have you studied the grammar concepts on this exam, or are you preparing for an extra week of tutoring?

Thanks a ton!
Hello Guest

I think you should post your own try. Then I could help you.

Yes, it sounds like required homework due tomorrow! Please make an effort to answer these questions yourself, and then we'll take a look at your answers.

One thing you must learn-- it is 'complement', not 'compliment', which is a different word entirely.