3.In jazz music, a riff is a simple melodic figure, _______ and repeated several times.
(A) usually one or two measures lasted
(B) lasted one measure or two usually
(C) is lasting one or two measures usually
(D) usually lasting one or two measures
which is the answer

What is your best answer, anonymous?


They are testing quite a few things here.

1. Do you know where adverbs of frequency go in clauses?
2. Do you know the meaning of the verb "last" and how to use it in sentences?
3. Do you know the difference in meaning between a present and a past participle?
4. Do you know the differences between a finite clause and a non-finite clause and where and how they are used in sentences?

If you are totally lost about what the answer could be, you haven't learned enough English grammar yet, but you can find information about all of these things online.