I just wrote a few sentences and I can't find any problem with them but would appreciate another set of eyes here:

"Moreover, I would like to be associated with a leading participant in Fixed-Income that has earned awards and has introduced financial innovations. Therefore, with XYZ I will be in the heart of an exciting, dynamic field"

Is the grammar okay? am I missing any commas? Does the structure make sense?
Say 'I will be at the heart of. . .'

Put a full stop at the end.

I'm not sure about Fixed-Income. Is that the name of a company or something?

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Hello Rover,

Thanks for the help.
Fixed-Income is a field in banking. For example, we could change it with "Finance", "Technology" or something similar. I wasn't sure if I needed to capitalize here.
Right - I get it. In that case, no capitalisation is necessary.