Grammar Test?

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Please tell me which one is correct in the foll 2 questions
1. ____ Actors at Old Tucson were good.
a. The
b. Those

2. We enjoyed _____ very much
a. them
b. they
2 is "them".

1 is much more interesting, because both possibilities are perfectly OK (although "actors" should be in lowercase"). There's very little difference in meaning between the two possibilities, too. I think I would be inclined to say "those" when speaking to someone who had seen the play with me, or "the" otherwise.

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Gosh, Rommie, I don't get what you are saying. Could you be more explicit? It sounds really interesting.
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1. ____ Actors at Old Tucson were good.
a. The
b. Those

Both would be OK, but using those would perhaps imply that they were better than some other cast (or group) of actors.
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