Hai guys im writting letter to my mould fabricators...i find out that they have done some sumthing unacceptable. So below is my letter writting to them....I really appreciate if you guys could help me on the grammar...if there something wrong or mistake done..please correct me together with the reason..really appreciate if it possible..

"- Hydraulic System for Segment Moulds

Reference is made to the above subject. We would like to inform you that the arrangement of hydraulic system for typical & deviator inner moulds is not accepted by us because the hydraulic oil was spilled off inside the moulds during exchanging the typical inner-moulds to deviator inner-moulds.

Therefore, we request you to relook into the arrangement of hydraulic system for typical & deviator inner moulds to prevent the oil spilling or leakage into the moulds during exchanging the inner-moulds.

Also, please ensure that the arrangement of hydraulic system for pier & abutment inner-moulds will not cause the above problems

Please contact us if you required further discussion on the above matters

Thank you,"

hai everybody,

Seem that nobody intrested to put comment on my sentence...its okay...if the way im asking is wrong please explain to me the proper way to do this...

Thanks, i eager to learn english from you guys..

I supposed the way you had your letter composed is somewhat difficult to edit and time consuming. That may be why it's not responded to. I will give it a shot based on what I can understand from your text.

Problem concerning hydraulic system of the segment Mould.

Dear XXX,

We have contacted your shop concerning the above matter. We like to formally file this complaint as we have discovered leaks in hydraulic plumbing on the inner divator mould. Hydraulic oil was leaking between typical inner-moulds and deviator inner-moulds.

This is not acceptable and we are returning the mould to your facility for repair. We are asking your management to pass on this information to your technical staff to insure the hydraulic system is repaired and leak-free before shipping back the mould to us.

Please contact us for any question you may have concerning this matter.

Your attention to this repair is appreciated.


Would this work?

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Thanks goodman,..generally its work..but i've to adjust a little bit to suit with the my actual problem..thanks for your concern on the grammar..really appreciate it..