Can someone help me below sentence? is it correct or not?

your phone number has been saved on my contract list, but I don't know you, who are you? please introduce yourself.
Your phone number is on my contact list, but I don't know you. Who are you? Please introduce yourself.
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Dear Mr. Micawber
First of all, I am thanking you from your helping.

Please help me mine below email.
The Marketing department has sent the confirmation report to HQ instead of Finance department, its finance department responsibility, hence I want to reminder to mention department.

Dear [ surname ]
please note that the internet Charges amounts incoming and confirmation reporting is dealt with by Finance. you have signed the contract and send the report to HQ before our confirmation so if it makes any problem we are not involved in this case.
Hello, Ehsan,

I'm sorry, but I cannot do all of your emails for you; that would be a paid position. Perhaps another member will help you with this one.