I just wanted to know if the following para is grammatically wrong:

Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solutions. They always enjoy hearing your stories so please keep sending them your feedback.

What I feel is that it should be:

Our team is dedicated in providing you with the best possible solutions. We always enjoy hearing your stories so please keep sending us ....

Is there any circumstances that we can use are instead of is with Our team?? Does marketing strategies permit this or so on??? Another can any other tense except present be used with to preposition?

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The plural is fine.

For a group of individuals you can either use the singular if you want to emphasise the group (single entity), or the plural if you want to refer to all of the people (multiple entities) that make up the group.


Thanks for your reply.

If you could also answer my second question of using 'to providing'. Can we use 'providing' with 'to' preposition? Can 'to' be used with 'ing' or past tenses?

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Please answer my question, if anyone can help me?

Can we use 'providing' with 'to' preposition like 'to providing'? Can 'to' be used with 'ing' or past tenses?

There's no problem about these constructions. It also works with commited and devoted.
Someone can be dedicated to something or to do something. Ex.:
- I'm dedicated to studying the English language.
- I'm dedicated to study the English language.
- I'm dedicated to the study of the English language.
Our team " is " refers to the team as a whole.

Our team " are " refers to the members in the team.

Both are acceptable.

To treat ' to ' as a preposition, the verb followed should be in ' gerund '.

As what other member mentioned earlier. I am dedicated ' to ' teaching .....

To treat ' to ' + ' infinitive ' in a sentence, we don't use .. ing.

eg. I am ready to go ......

Regarding what preposition to use after ' dedicated ', so far no rules governing the choice of it. Normally, we use ' to ' only, that's why preposition is arguable at times due to its flexibility and perspective.
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Thanks for your inputs..

Don't you think that if I have to write 'Our team are dedicated......to providing', it will be more appropriate if we write it as 'Our team members are dedicated ....... in providing' or 'Our team is dedicated..... in providing'.

Do you think, the second and third options are better to be used rather than the first option?

The first time I read this sentence(the first one), I found its language very weird. I am no english grammer expert but somehow I felt that it was not correct.

Thanks again for further feedback..
in the traditional grammar "team" always takes a singular verb - but in current useage more and more people are writing with the "sense" that the team is more than one person, and adopting the plural verb ending,
Your confusion is whether to use ' gerund ' or ' to + infinitive '. In fact, the most distinguishable of the two is when ' to ' is used, it gives a sense of ' going to happen '.

You are dedicated to ' provide ' or ' providing ' .... ( ' to provide ' means you might be doing it soon )

whereas ( ' to providing ' means you say it in the general sense without any hurry to do )

It is always advisable to use ' The team " members " to single out the individuals in the team rather than the team as a whole when what you intend to say is the people in thereEmotion: smile '

I repeat ' dedicated ' is always followed by ' to ' . We'd better stick to it unless other option is acceptable worldwide.
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