Hi there,
I wrote an english essay for tonight, and I have some grammatical issues I thought you guys might be able to elaborate on.

Issue #1
It seems very much part of the 21st century’s ‘feel good’ syndrome. What I mean by this/that, is that we are definitely seeking comfort in every humanly way possible.
Is it called by this or by that in this particular sentence?

Issue #2
I believe that social-networking media produce a bit of both. It can both have harmful and beneficial effects.
Is it neccesary to say "a bit of both" or is "bit of both" alright, and what do you prefer?

Issue #3 - a bit redundant
Starting with the latter, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter can help us communicate with our friends and share a lot of experiences through pictures and videos. I personally find Twitter the most beneficial because of its minimalistic and concise design. I hate advertisements and notifications telling me that I won over a random anonymous person in MafiaWars or some other ‘game’ on Facebook. I find it extremely disturbing and annoying and that’s why I prefer Twitter. Twitter can help me manage my time more efficiently; I can go through my past tweets and determine whether how I’m doing in terms of proficiency, i.e. do I complete all my listed to-do’s?
Is this the correct way to put it? Is the flow well enough? Please tell me what you think.

Thanks in advance everybody!

By the way, English is not my "mother tongue" => I'm from Denmark.

That was obviously pretty superfluous as well, but anyways. Thanks in advance!


- Anders K.
1. I would use this, just because that follows so closely, and I don't like to repeat a word so soon in the same sentence.

2. a bit of both. You can't omit a.

3. I would write:

i.e., did I complete ....

4. Your grammar checker thinks you wrote a sentence fragment. It is wrong. Your sentence is fine.

I want to add an extra question to my topic (I'm the creator)

Issue #4
Moreover there are a lot of harmful tendencies following these social networking sites as well. Using Facebook to such an extent that you are on Facebook in school, when you get home, and later at night again is simply overdoing it. Some people create their entire life based on Facebook. I deplore the fact that people spend so much time on Facebook and not getting anything done. They’re just wasting their time fooling around.
Word tells me that I ought to "Fragment. Consider revising" - is the sentence correct or wrong? Thanks in advance.
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Thanks for the fast response.