Everyone acts as if they are good.

is it correct ? does "they" means "Everyone" here?


There's no excuse for misspelling 'grammar'. It's right up there in the name of the forum.

Yes, it's correct. "they" refers back to "Everyone" in your sentence. Note that, in English, when the gender of the subject is unknown, "they" is often used instead of "he/she". For example:

If a driver exceeds the speed limit, they will be fined.

PS. Your question should have been as follows:

Everyone acts as if they are good.

Is it correct ? Does "they" mean "Everyone" here?

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I saw that my question is not correct. thank you for information.

I forgot to tell you two important things. First, in the subject box, you've written "grammer", which is not a word. It should be "grammar". Second, please don't put a space between a question mark and the word that comes before it. Please look at the following sentences:

1. Is it correct ? does "they" mean "Everyone" here?

2. Is it correct? does "they" mean "Everyone" here?

In the first sentence, there's a space between "correct" and "?", which isn't appropriate, but In the second one, there's no space between them and it's correct.

PS. I copied your original question and pasted it, but I forgot to remove that space between "correct" and "?" in my first reply.

Best wishes,


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Yes, you're right.