Please give a help to find out which part(under-lined) is wrong.

1.The irritable sergeant was in sistent that nothing superseded the drilling of the forty new

under-lined parts:
c.of the forty new men

2.By the time Smith graduates from dental school, he will be twenty-six years of age.

under-lined parts:
b,dental school
c. twenty-six
d. years of age

3.Joan decided that she did not like the gril eating an ice-cream cone on the bus after she yelled at her little brother.

under-lined parts:
b,gril eating



We don't do homework. You tell us what you think the answers are and why, and then we'll help you where you are wrong.

Hi Webb,

Welcome to the forums. I would change the first sentence to:

The irritable sergeant was insistent that nothing supersede the drilling of the forty new men. In this case supersede doesn't mean "to be better than," but rather "to replace."
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To start with, webb, insistent is one word.
sorry about that.I don't know the rules here.These are the subjects of TOFEL but not homework.

The following is what I thought about the answer.

1.The word "superseded" means "be better than ,which doesn't make sense in the context of Sentence 1. The rest is fine (assuming insistent wasn't mis-spelled)..

2.There is NOTHING wrong with Sentence 2. ("26 years of age" is veryformal.)

3.Except for spelling girl as gril, there is NOTHING wrong with 3, either. I worry about who yelled at whose little brother (should be the ice-cream eater in BOTH cases). But, assuming that that is the intended meaning, the sentence is fine.

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