Hi everyone,
I can speak english just with simple grammer
My problem is in Grammer,specially tense of verbs
They are ( The Past/Present Continues - The Past/Present Prefect - The Past/Present Prefect Continus )

I learned them in English grammer books , but I forgot them very soon, and I can not use them in my speaking
I study a lot of examples but I just memorize them for few days, and after that I for got all of them

I need your suggestion
please help me


P.S: My passage above does have any grammer mistake?
Grammar not grammer.

Continuous - not continues.

I have learned them from, not I learned them in.

I studied a lot not I study a lot.

I remember -not I memorize.

Forget - not for got.

They are the mistakes in your post.

Which grammar book did you use? Did it give you exercises. Can you explain what you think are the differences between the forms you have mentioned and give us a formular? Have a try and we can correct for you and maybe explain clearer than your book. Don't worry if you are wrong, have a go so we can see what you know then we also know what you need to learn.
Hello, Alii.

Frankly, it is not a good use of your time to read grammar books and try to memorize verb forms. We acquire language by listening to it, reading it, and trying to use it in conversation. Find someone to speak English with (another learner is OK). Read novels or the newspaper, watch movies. In time, the appropriate grammar will appear in your speaking without the use of any grammar books.
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Which grammar book did you use?
MODERN ENGLISH 1\2 , By Marcella Frank

Did it give you exercises?
Yes,but does not expalin , just give an example as a model

Can you explain what you think are the differences between the forms you have mentioned and give us a formular?
I know the diffrenevces,just a little bit , and my fisrt problem is to know how I should use them in my conversation, second , i don't have any partner here ,just in our english class I can speak English, out side nobody speaks English (I live in Iran)

Im so happy to find here to solve my problems

Thx Dave
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Of course , I listen to the music a lot , reading English Magazine , Watching English movies but with (Eng. subtitle)
But as i said ,just remember them for few days,and for get them very soon Emotion: sad