hai Friends,

I want to check my official letter spelling and sentenced formed correctly or not.
if there is any software available for free please suggest me.

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Microsoft Word does a reasonable job.
Good luck!
Microsoft Word may or may not do a reasonable job if you happen to be American - I am not qualified to judge that. However it most certainly does not do a reasonable job with regard to British English, even you if you give it the correct locale.

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Then do you know of anything better?
No, but Word will do a good enough job. It gets a bit confused by the British punctuation of where-clauses, but apart from that you're probably safe.

Hai Rommie,

Thanks for the reply & suggestion.

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I feel Microsoft Word is too much censorious about the use of passive voice.


Dear Daniel,

Re : LC ILC-768-512609

- Item 4 under paragraph 46A (Documents required), we will delete this item and amend the expiry

date to 31 Jan 06.

- 45A: Will amend from CIF Hong Kong to C & F Hong Kong

Re : LC 029011094519

- 45A Price Term: Will amend from CIF Hong Kong to C & F Hong Kong.

- 46A Will be deteled.

- 47A - Cannot be deteled because this is a standard LC terms, it is appears in our previous LC.
Is this correct?

not been settled.

not updated.
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