I want to ask a question about GRE exam which might be irrelevent to this forum.

But I would be grateful if you native member could help me..

As you already know the verbal section of GRE exam test difficult words out of context. and few participants can get the whole score.

I wonder if you could tell me what is the score of a native american without preparation who is doing engineering for B.Sc. and wants to get admission for Master.

I know that it depends on many factors and the scores are so diverse but I want just to give me a rough range. I mean for instance between 400 - 500 or 500-600 or 600-700 or beyond 700.

I am sorry to post an irrelevent question but this is the only place I can receive correct and honest answer.

Thank you very much
Engineering to get into masters....Without practice?

I would say probably about 500-600 from my experience. Maybe bump it up 20-40 points if they studied. I hear studying for a few months will only help a max of about 40 points in the verbal for a native speaker.
So that's it.

thanks. what about the Analytical writing? is a native comfortable with the writing section?
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Haha, I really don't think anyone is truly comfortable with any portion of the GRE's. So, I would have to say no.
I got a perfect score on the verbal, and fairly good scores on the essays and quantitative portions.

My question to you is, does the engineering program really demand a high score on the verbal and essay portions? My literature program could not have cared less what I got in the maths portion (I got a 670 without studying), and I can't imagine a typical engineering school being too concerned with your verbal scores.
Probably more emphasis will be placed on quant. Good job on the perfect score. Most people struggle just to get a 600 on each section.
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Engineering departments do care about the verbal score. They do not need high score but for international students getting an average score on the verbal is quite difficult.

I got 790 on Quantitative and 370 on the verbal section, and 3 for anylytical writing.

most schools need a score beyond 500 in verbal. I still do not understand why GRE is considered an aptitute test,for the verbal it is just a matter of memorizing words.

I think if I had answered the verbal questions by chance I could get more.
Actually, the Verbal is far from a simple matter of memorizing words. The most difficult portion of it concerns reading and analyzing passages - determining the writer's thesis, point of view, underlying purposes, etc.