I had a debate with my friend about the use of GRE TEST, but neither of us could convince the others.

I would be grateful if you could help us.

I say that because GRE stands for Graduate Record Examination, it should not be followed by TEST, and test is redundant in this combination.

Having looked up several dictionaries, I couldn't come up with any Example containing this combination, But when you google it, you see there are lots of webpages containing GRE TEST.

I think the same applies for TOEFL, we should say I took the TOEFL not the TOEFL test.

It is highly appreciate to say your stance and support reasons for it.

thanks so much for your time and help
It's one thing to be correct and another to be understood.

English is full of these acronym redundancies.

If your friend's position is that the expression is redundant, but okay to use, I agree with him.

The expressions are nearly as common as the acronyms.

Only in the most formal writing would one be criticized for using "the GRE test."
Thanks Avangi.

Despite the fact you took his side.

Actually he texted me and I texted him back with a correction, then he said that he was right because ETS has written the same thing.

Thanks again for your time