I'm in Honors British literature and we read the book, and I understand it very well but we have to write an essay and create our own insightful, creative, and analytical essay topic. I'm sort of stumped on what to write on and I have to have a first draft by monday (05-16-05) Can anyone throw out some ideas on some good topics that I could write about?

There was a note that he had checked all topics on sparknotes etc. supposed to be original.

just throw some ideas at me if you can, get some ideas flowing, it would be really appreciated
This from bibliomania
There have been a number of film adaptations of the novel, the most recent of which featured Anne Bancroft as Miss Havisham. Doubtless, this was something of an in-joke meant for those who know Bancroft best as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate which is very much inspired by this Dickens novel and benefits from the comparison.
Forgive me for being confused...but what?
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Just thought that was an interesting comment on Great Expectations - that the film "The Graduate" was inspired by the novel, and that Miss Haversham resembles Mrs. Robinson. maybe someone else will have a better idea for you.