Hello, teachers!

First, are these sentences correct? And which is the good proper collocation? If they are not, would you recommend good ones?
1. My greatest desire is to be a great/famous designer. [Is 'great' proper and natural here?]
2. My hope is to be a great/famous cellist. [Is 'famous' conversational here?]
3. My dream is to be a great/wealthy/rich merchant.
4. When I grown up, I will be a great/famous politician.
5. When I grown up, I want to be a great/good teacher.

Please recommend words matching well with each occupation.
6. When I grown up, I want to be a [____] doctor/scientist/president/ballerina/baseball player/movie star/writer/painter.

Thank you very much.

You have a go first.
Hello Jandi

Watch out for 'grow up' - it should be 'when I grow up...' (not 'when I
grown up...').

I too am short of adjectives today. Luckily you don't need one for president:

'When I grow up, I want to be President.'

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But in my ability, good, famous, well-known, etc. are all I can think of.
And I wanted to know common natural everyday expressions that natives say, not logical possibilties.
This is not homework.
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You need to be careful about great/famous. I know that sometimes great is used in that sense, as in 'one of the great actors of the 20th century' but they do not mean the same thing.

a great cellist - this person is a talented cellist, but may not even play professionally, let alone be famous.
a famous cellist - well-known, and in this case probably great as well. But it is possible to be a famous actor/tv presenter etc etc without really being 'great' at it.

Again, most politicians are famous but few are considered great.

5. When I grown up, I want to be a great/good teacher. In this case, great is just the furthest extent of good, so it depends how ambitious you are!
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Thank you, teachers!!!

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