Merry christmas and Happy Newyear greetings friends
Now,I have the following doubts.I coudn"t pronounce the following words properly.I need you to help me out.I am concentrating on American English.
1.Wouldn"t you-
2.Weren"t you-
3.Aren"t you-
4.Wasn"t you-
5.couldn"t they-
6.Wouldn"t you-

It would be very helpful If I got the correct pronounciation to these words like that of Americans.
Thank you.
#4 is not good English, David. As for the pronunciation, I don't really know how to give you a better indication of how some people pronounce them than you already know. There is no 'proper pronunciation' (I assume that you know basically how the words are said)-- different speakers reduce the words to slightly different extents. It is hardly worth being a 'great doubt' for you. #1 would be something like /wud n chu:/.
Thank you Mister Micawber.
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