After four years' waitting we are here watching the great matches.As living in Asia there is a problem,all the matches are lived in the middle night,and we have to stay up late in the ninght.As a college student it's OK for me towait for the begaining of the match.However my energy is limitted,I can't stay up late every ninght.But it's a great experience.Watching a game in a quiet middlle night with some friends.We talked about the football and support the different teams,we feel good when they won and feel sad when they wera defeated. I love football!When can China got the top of the world football teams.
Well, China has never been in any WC, though it's rumoured that the chinese are improving with great strides. Korea was in the semis of the last Wc, so maybe the chinese can take a leaf from their neighbours
It would be a great World Cup if Italy is the championship! Emotion: big smile