its hard to tell which is the best song of all time

but i guess its a matter of opinion, just to pick one's favorite song

but even thats too hard

so ima list a few

DMX - damien
Eminem - Criminal
Dr. Dre - Still DRE
Snoop Dogg - Lay Low
Eminem - Kill You
Tupac - The Realest Killaz ft. 50 Cent
Biggie - Dead Wrong
Dre & Snoop - Nothin But a G THang
50 Cent - Patiently Waiting
DMX - Coming For Ya

(Everyone has repeated him/herself dozens of times, and I am sure that any reader has a full range of choices now, so let's lock this one up. In summary, the greatest hiphop song ever is '[url=]Here Comes Peter Cottontail[/url]'.-- MM )
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biggie-juicy, hypnotise
2-pac-hit 'em up
dmx-up in here
snoop-whats my mother *** name?
dre/eminem-forgot about dre

could go on forever lol
Nas-Doo Rags
Notorious BIG-Juicy
Nas-One Mic
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surely the greatest hip hop/rap song are these as followed (not in order)

ghetto superstar - mya
its tricky - run dmc
missing you - puff daddy etc..
99 problems - jay z
yeah - usher
if i cant - 50 cent
heat - 50 cent
Come on guys how about these:

Wu-Tang Clan: C.R.E.A.M
some tracks from De La Soul or a Tribe Called
I am not gonna deny that fact that Dr.Dre`s Still Dre is a GREAT song but still...

Some of the posts here are embarrassing. "Missing You" is a pop song. And you all need to get off 2Pac's back.

Here's some homework for you:-

Pete Rock and CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y
Eminem - The Source
A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) or Scenario
GZA - 4th Chamber
Eric B and Rakim - Juice
Main Source - Live at the BBQ
Nas - Represent
BDP - Duck

(condescending comment removed - mod)
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you mean "Eminem - The SAUCE" don't you (that was to diss the "Source" obviously)

the best songs from several well-known rappers...

Eminem--The Way I Am
Nas--One Mic
Notorious BIG--Hypnotize
Snoop Dogg--What's My ***' Name?
Vanilla Ice--Ice Ice Baby (JOKE!!! haha just kidding)
Jay-Z--Renegade (ft. Eminem)
Dr. Dre--Forgot About Dre (ft. Eminem)
DMX--Ruff Riders' Anthem
Cam'ron--Hey Ma (ft. Juelz Santana)
Wow these lists must be jokes lmao how about

Jedi Mind Tricks - I against I

Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

Slick Rick - Childrens Story

Aesop Rock - Commencement at the Ceremony

Non-Phixion - Black Helicopters

Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil
you need to do a little research about the 80s and early nineties hip hop. Although I agree that all of these songs are great songs the greatest song ever should have had a very direct impact on the rest of the industry. Even though the sugar hill gang is like the new kids on the block of rap, they did change rap forever. And the three true pioneers of modern rap were afrika bambaataa, grandmaster flash, and kurtis blow. The only other man in my opinion to have as much influence as these three is chuck d. he showed that hip hop can have an underlying concious and create social change. having said that this is my list of five songs

1. Grandmaster Flash and the furious five- The Message
2. Kustis blow- The breaks
3. africa bambaataa- planet rock
4. public enemy- fight the power
5. sugar hill gang- rappers delight
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