Hello everyone. I have returned! I've missed you all so much. The reason why I was gone for so long, was because I got into a bit of trouble. I'm doing fine now. Another reason why I was gone, is because I couldn't log into my account! Emotion: surprise I thought that I would never even see this site again, laughs.

I'm glad I did at least try to log on again. Emotion: big smile Hmm, ah, there are a lot of new people here! New people, please come say hello to me. Why? Because I'm awesome, that's why. Emotion: wink
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Happy to know that you are fine now. No, you shall first pay some fees for leaving EF users/friends on suffer because of your absence Emotion: tongue tied. Distribution of awesome hug to us all :3

There. Emotion: big smile
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i'm happy tojoin this EF......every people of this ef is awesome............so again i say awesomesala
I loved how you just called everyone my favorite word; awesome. Emotion: smile
Hi ..Lady Yofiel I am so happy to see an awesome lady down in this forum..I am still an intermediate speaker of English. Emotion: thinking...Look forward to become a fluent speaker and like to talk like native speaker some day Emotion: surprise...
Try out our live chat room.

and I am sorry I didn't go check out your profile...anyways a BIG Hello to you Tia (along with huge applause) Emotion: clap from this small fella from India..!!

Nice to meet you, too. I'm sure that you will become a native speaker in no time. Emotion: smile Ah, and how did you use color in your text?
Thank you Tia....I really hope it happens ....Simply click on Forum Editor Hyper Link just below the reply box after clicking the cursor to the reply box you would be taken to a new page where you would see the below matter
"Do you want to help other people? We are happy to have you answer questions posted in our forums if you are polite and if you try to be accurate. If you are not sure about any point, please check your grammar book or dictionary before posting– and don't forget to proofread your writing before you post it!
Posts are moderated. If your posts are not polite or helpful, the moderators may edit or delete them. If your posts are often rude or if your answers are often incorrect, a moderator may contact you directly.


Wait for few seconds the three ribbons of buttons will appear together ..Look for A in those ribbons and click on the drop down arrow and select the color of your choice, Oops..... it appears to be quiet long.!!...Emotion: geeked....Hope it helps!! Emotion: smile
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