Hi everyone! please, help me to make out some moments I'm confused with. Thank you so much!


01:04. What did Grisham finished phrase with?

02:16 "It's obviously breaks down someone in administration..." Right?

02:57-03:01 I make out just drops and pieces. Can you please put down what he has said?

03:08-03:10 "I might have ...."

03:18 "I used to give a speech called, I called the " tapped in reasons"..."

04:18 "Law school, You're supposed to explode lawschool with a..."

05:17-05:22 "Not get all. People hate lawayers, this is......"

05:30-05:32 It doesn't make sense. "These could really get out of here... "
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you are indeed fortunate (1:04)

It's obviously a breakdown somewhere in administration (2:16)

the platitudes such as "the future is yours" and "the world is at your feet."

If I had more time, I might fall into that trap.

I called the top 10 reasons you should stay in college until you are 30 years old. (3:38)

You are supposed to explode "law school" with laughter (4:48)

OK Knock it off. People hate lawyers. This could really get out of hand, couldn't it? Let's knock it off. (5:30)
Thank you Alphecca so muchEmotion: smile
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Someone may be interested in watching the final part, so I post it here.

02:39 "Everybody's clapped for that, come on". Sounds like "have clapped". Right?
Am I right in the statement above? Would you tell me please? Thank in advance.Emotion: wink
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Well everybody can clap for that, come on...

(He's saying they shouldn't have clapped for such an obvious statement)
I get it. Thank you Nona. Emotion: smile
By the way, excellent speech.
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