"A small supervised residential facility, as for mentally ill people or wards of the state, in which residents typically participate in daily tasks and are often free to come and go on a voluntary basis." (from a dictionary, AHD I think)
1. Is 'group home' not used for a facility for elderly or senile people?
2. What does 'wards of the state' mean?

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names vary
'wards of the state'- in the protection/guard/custody/care of the state


c (1) : a person who by reason of minority, lunacy, or other incapacity is under the protection of a court either directly or through a guardian appointed by the court -- called also ward of court;

Group Home is definitely not for elderly or senile people. In the States, senior people usually receive care in skilled nursing facility or nursing homes (also called convalescent hospital) if they require 24/7 care. For a less expensive arrangement, seniors can stay in residential care facilities (also residential group homes) where they have their own dwelling units, and will have access to skilled nursing/medical care at moment’s notice.
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