here is my lovely doggy... handsome isnt he?:)

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He seems a handsome guy to me... But why is he so shy, hiding under sheets like that ?? Do you usually get rough on him or what ???

actually he is not shy:) i covered him to protect but it didnt avail...he is sick now:(

here is another pic of him...(he was in istanbul last week:)) harmony of black and white...

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No wonder he's sick... I bet you left him the whole day on the balcony with subzero temperatures !!! Poor guy...
Anyway, you're a wise girl... Giving up on boyfriends and getting yourself a dog instead... As far as faithfulness goes, they're much more reliable...
ihiihihihih poor seems to be a icecream!!! all his hairs are ruffled Emotion: smile
Emotion: cryingi m already taking care of him... adana is not snowy just he was in istanbul last week with my uncle... i didnt took the photos. i dont even let him go to garden cuz he is sick...i love him too much...Waïti i dont have a boyfriend:) i m studying math instead of goin out LOL:)
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Canim Merve,
Mmmmh not sure I understand the goal you're pursuing here... There is no purpose in studying math to get a boyfriend... Who the hell told you mathematics would be usefull to better understand boys ?.. Do you REALLY think boys have a mathematically driven mindset Emotion: wink ? Is it your testimony that they behave logically or act rationally, an that mathematics are therefore a prerequisite to understanding them Emotion: wink ??? Whoever let you believe this just fooled you...
actually when i have a boyfriend i cant study hard. when i go to my room to study i m thinking about my boyfriend. and at the same time he begins calling me. and i m losing my control and talking to him all night!:)
Happy Villentine to you anyway... Surely there's a nice boy out there who's right for you... Don't wait until he comes along and go fetch him !
And you didn't tell us your dog's name... See, we ask you about your dog but you keep answering about your ex-boyfriends...
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