Hi everyone,just wanted 2 share my photo with u.I'm on the left and my sister is on the right..Take care,best regards..
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Thanks for the photo DJ Bueno. I finally get to see you after reading a lot of your posts in the jokes section.
Good Day DJ!

It's nice to see the pretty face behind the jokes and riddles. You and your sis are very beautiful!

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Thank you very much... Emotion: smile
Let me also share this photo with you.We took this pic during a school trip to Şile last year.It was an unforgettable day.A trip to always remember..
So you two are sisters, where is Cinderella? Emotion: big smile

Only joking you both look gorgeous.
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thanks Ear Emotion: smile
Hiya DJB... I've just come across this thread, intended to share with the community the lovely face that's behind most of the jokes I've been enjoying in this forum... You do have a genuine and radiant smile... Keep up with it !
Çok teşekkürler.. Emotion: smile
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